's Editions & Pricing

Standard Edition: Free trial edition

Use to evaluate 5 unique appraisals each month. Identify the most common correction requests, as well as UAD and CU rules, best practices, and probable UCDP hard stops.

Appraiser Edition: For professional appraisers

Access all of the features included with's standard edition, plus unlimited* appraisal reviews, "My Property Database" comparison feature, and downloadable PDF reports.

Reviewer Edition: For the professional appraisal reviewer working at an AMC or lender

Access all of the features included with's Appraiser edition, for up to 100 unique appraisals per month, completed by any appraiser.

Team Edition: For small to mid-size AMCs and lenders

Includes access to all of the features included with our Reviewer edition, with the freedom to license up to 10 users reviewing up to 1,000 unique appraisals per month, submitted by any appraiser.

Enterprise Edition: For growing mid-size and large AMCs and lenders

Includes access to all of the features included with our Team edition, with a plan that custom designed to fit your unique needs for number of end users and monthly volume.

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Full-time professional appraisers Professional reviewers working for a lender or AMC Small to mid-size lenders & AMCs Custom solution for high volume lenders & AMCs
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reviews per month
reviews per month

*Use limited to your own appraisals

reviews per month
reviews per month
reviews per month
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user license
user license
user licenses
user licenses
"My Property Database" property description comparisons
Downloadable PDF reports

All editions include these benefits:

Feature Supported     Screen for UAD & Fannie Mae CU rules

Feature Supported     Identify most common correction requests

Feature Supported     Analyze for probable UCDP hard stops

Feature Supported     Screen for industry best practices

Feature Supported     Verify appraiser licenses

Feature Supported     Validate USPS addresses

Learn more about the features included in's premium editions

My Property Database®

Automatically compare your appraisal's property descriptions for the subject property and all appraisal comps (such as GLA, bedroom/bathroom count, quality of construction, etc.) to property descriptions from your previously completed appraisals, as well as those of your peers. searches for inconsistencies and alerts you to any discrepancies.

My Property Database screenshot

Downloadable PDF Report

Download a PDF report of each appraisal review's findings. Share results with your lenders or AMCs, or archive your reports for later reference.

Sample downloadable PDF of report